Police chief To Lam is still arranging his successor

An inside source said:

During the recent 9th Plenum of the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee, all four additional people elected to the Politburo were from General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s faction, supporting his cause of “burning the furnace.”

Minister of Public Security To Lam wants to bring his two subordinates Senior Lieutenant Generals Nguyen Duy Ngoc and Luong Tam Quang, into the Politburo, a necessary condition to become Minister of Public Security, to replace him.

But at the meeting of the Commission for Organization prior to the plenum, both Quang and Ngoc did not receive enough votes so his plan failed.

Previously at the Ministry of Public Security, both Ngoc and Quang received a very high number of votes to be nominated for the position of Minister of Public Security.

General Lam offered two deputy ministers to ensure at least one will be but unexpectedly both failed.

That is the reason why Lam will be State President and also hold the position of Minister of Public Security for a short time to arrange a successor.

Thus, the fighting between factions still continues.


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