Da Lat under special security alert and government is panicked, is it true or rumor?

Recently, unexpectedly, a number of entertainment venues such as May Lang Thang coffee and music venue, and Cinestar cinema in Da Lat branch suddenly announced the suspension of all activities on April 30 and May 1 holidays.

It is known that the April 30 entertainment program held at May Lang Thang was very grand, with the participation of famous singers Bang Kieu, Dan Truong, Luong Bich Huu on April 30; and the presence of singers Le Quyen, Le Hieu, Phuong Linh on May 1.

This is said to be a very large and expensive music festival. The Organizing Committee had to spend a lot of money to invite famous singers to participate. In addition, this program has been thoroughly rehearsed, just waiting for show time. So, canceling the show close to show time caused the organizers to lose a lot of money, but why was the government still forcing to cancel?

Cinestar and May Lang Thang’s website and Facebook said the cancellation of the program was “following the urgent direction of the People’s Committee of Da Lat City.” However, just a few hours later, the above notices were removed or their content was edited.

This shady action by the Da Lat government has raised a huge question mark. There must be a very urgent reason for the local government to issue such urgent instructions. They forced the program to stop but did not allow the Organizing Committee to state the reason coming from them. So, what do they want to cover up?

Immediately after the shady actions of the Da Lat city government, rumors arose. Accordingly, there were rumors that there was a riot in the center of Da Lat city, and the police ordered the closure of Go supermarket.

The Da Lat government went to the press to deny this rumor but did not explain why the Da Lat City People’s Committee banned the concert programs of May Lang Thang and Cinestar Vietnam, right before the show.

An observer assessed that, according to the government’s behavioral habits, whether there was violence in Da Lat or not, they said there was no violence. Because admitting that Da Lat or any other place has violence, is admitting that society is unstable, or in their language “causing public confusion.” According to Communist thinking, even if there is violence, they keep it hidden, to “avoid spreading” to avoid “reactionaries taking advantage”… and in silence, they are also easier to suppress.

Communists rule by deception, so they always use tricks to create a fake peaceful society, to lull people to sleep.

It is known that the Lam Dong Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism expects that this holiday of southern liberation on April 30 and International Labor Day on May 1 will welcome about 200,000 visitors. But banning music shows will have a huge impact on the city’s tourism. Therefore, it can be speculated that the government cannot control security and order, so it is banned.

In fact, Vietnam’s political elite is very unstable. Among them, Minister of Public Security To Lam was the rioter. However, did rioting at the country’s leadership lead to local violence? And why does the Da Lat government have to ban entertainment activities?

In fact, under Minister Lam, local police were no longer closely linked with local authorities. At the provincial level, the police directors are his person, collecting black files of the province’s top officials, to make arrests when necessary.

The fact that the local government and police no longer have a common voice is also a big reason why the local government cannot manage security and order. But once they can’t control it, just ban it until it heals, the way the Communists have always handled it is still the same. Because if any problem occurs, local leaders may be immediately thrown into the oven.

Remember, currently, Lam is the one who lights the furnace, not General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. And if Lam wants to burn it, he will throw it straight into the furnace, rather than going through as many cumbersome procedures as Trong.

As usual, in this case, perhaps, rumors are more trustworthy than official news from the Da Lat government.

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