If Police chief To Lam allowed to overthrow Paryt chief, Defense Minister Phan Van Giang might pay heavy price?

After the fall of State President Vo Van Thuong and Chairman of the National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue, public opinion is raising the possibility of whether incumbent Minister of Public Security To Lam will attack the party chief General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to become the leading position in Vietnam’s communist regime.

No one can know what General Lam thinks, but observing the moves that he has made, it is very likely that he will carry out the “great overthrow,” the biggest ever, to take the general secretary post.

Lam’s attacks on Thuong and Hue were direct, all-out attacks. However, these two attacks clearly revealed his “snipping” intention, targeting the General Secretary. Because before cutting down an old tree, people will cut each of its branches first. Thuong and Hue are the two largest branches among the branches surrounding Trong.

Every time he defeated one of Trong’s subordinates, Lam’s position and power became stronger. Previously, Lam only arrested a few officials, now, he also arrested a “group of officials,” typically the arrest of a series of 12 officials and former officials of Binh Thuan province. By arresting so many officials at once, Lam is showing his opponents what his current strength is, and thereby suppressing the spirit of those who have not been named.

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security implemented the project to build Gia Binh airport in Bac Ninh. Official information said that this airport serves the air force unit of the police force.

Thus, the Ministry of Public Security wants to build its own air force. For what?

The police’s mission is to take care of internal security, not the responsibility of fighting foreign invaders, so why use the air force? Or is it to prepare to protect the “throne” for the Minister of Public Security, when he sits on the Party’s highest chair?

Currently, in the Police Party Committee, Lam is Party Secretary, Trong and Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh are members of the Standing Committee. Although sitting as a member of the Standing Committee of the Public Security Party Committee, Trong was unable to hold the reins of the “proof horse” Lam. It can be said that currently, the Ministry of Public Security has slipped out of the hands of the General Secretary.

To balance an armed force, there can only be another armed force, with equal or stronger firepower and equipment. Thus, the only way to control the abuse of the Ministry of Public Security is the Defense Ministry.

Currently, Trong is Secretary of the Central Military Commission, meaning that, in the Military Party Committee, Trong is also Giang’s boss. If he takes advantage of this position, Trong can prevent Lam’s abuse. However, with the current power, can the General Secretary still dictate the Ministry of National Defense?

In the structure of the Party and state, the position with the greatest military power is the Defense Ministry, with the current role of Minister belonging to General Giang. But until now, Giang has always stood aside from the leadership struggling initiated by To Lam.

Standing on the sidelines, sitting on the mountain and watching tigers fighting, whether it is wise or unwise, is a difficult question to answer. If he comes forward to stop Lam, it is possible that Giang himself will be “injured” and even, if he is careless, he may even be eliminated from the game. However, if he just standd on the sidelines, will we leave him alone after Lam successfully occupies the position of General Secretary? Or should Lam replace his Hung Yen compatriot, Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien – Deputy Defense Minister to take the minister post? In addition, Lieutenant General Nguyen Hong Thai – Member of the Party Central Committee, Commander of Military Region 1, is also from Hung Yen.

If Trong and Giang do not agree and use the army to stop Lam, it is possible that both of them will have to pay a heavy price when Lam becomes General Secretary.


Tran Chuong – Thoibao.de

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